Thursday, July 31, 2003

It looks like Sinn Fein has buckled under pressure over it's pro-terrorist merchandise I had mentioned a week ago, and has remove a t-shirt bearing the slogan "Sniper at work" from it's online shop. Unfortunately, another t-shirt labelled "IRA Undefeated Army" is still available for purchase.

On a similar note, the three IRA men on trial in Columbia have pleaded not guilty. Of course. Three IRA men in a FARC-controlled area of Columbia. You were just there for the unspoilt scenery, weren't you?

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

"Tony Blair will today kick-start a multi-billion pound project for a series of new towns along the Thames in what amounts to a huge expansion of London eastwards into Essex and Kent." According to the Guardian.

I know that the housing supply in South-East England is insufficient, particularly as regards to affordable housing, but is this really necessary? According to David Davis of the Conservatives:

"Low employment areas with inadequate infrastructure and transport links will not create sustainable communities. It will create high stress dormitory towns to the detriment of the quality of life of local residents."

This whole scheme seems to resemble the grand plans of Soviet Russia, and we all know how some of those turned out.
Now for the truly bizarre. A fascist group has left Ireland with it's tail between it's legs because Ireland is not fascist enough.

Al Byrne, the New York-based head of the organisation, said: “The primary intention of NSRUS was to build a professional activist organisation to deliver the message of racial integrity and independence to the residents of Ireland. Tens of thousands of stickers and leaflets were distributed to achieve this modest ambition; however the response was pitiful.

“After a couple of visits, it was my conclusion we were wasting our time. The people seem blind to the alien invasion.”

I think that should really read: "The people were smart enough to see us as a messed-up bunch of nitwits."

Thanks to Give War a chance for the link.
It seems that Tory MP Michael Portillo is to appear sometime in a BBC documentary in which he swaps places with a Liverpool single mother of four. No, really. The photograph of him in an Asda uniform was enough to send me into the kind of laughter that can seriously hurt. You must see it.

Thanks to Au Currant for the link

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

You may (or may not) have noticed that this blog has been neglected as of late. This is due in no small part to a highly addictive PC game called Freelancer. I'm close to finishing it, and normal levels of posting should resume tomorrow (probably).

Thursday, July 24, 2003

I hear that Sinn Fein are selling merchandise that glorifies IRA violence on their website. T-shirts printed with the logos "Sniper at work" and "IRA - Undefeated Army" are selling for 15 euro in the party's online store. This is a truly depressing spectale, considering that the IRA was directly responsible for nearly 1,800 deaths during the Troubles and for maiming hundreds of others. The merchandise has beed condemned by UUP and SDLP members, and in a further sickening turn, Gerry Adams has said: "I want to thank both the SDLP and the unionists for publicising the website".

Has he no shame, no morals, no conscience? I'm convinced that he is purely evil, along with his fellow terrorist and second-in-command Martin McGuinness. Freddie Scappachi, the man that was reckoned to be "steaknife", has said as much himself. He noted that McGuinness would be in church in one moment, and then order for someone to be murdered after leaving the church.

Sinn Fein/IRA are a cancer. They murder thousands, and then lecture us in the Republic on the evils of the recent war in Iraq. They are allied with many foreign terrorist groups, and yet warn us of the dangers of foreign alliances ie. NATO. They condenm militarism, and yet refuse to dispose of their heavily armed private army. They are a party of hate and of death, with no place in a civilised society.

Doesn't seem to bother the appeasniks, though.

Monday, July 21, 2003

Okay, I may have said yesterday that I will not comment on the article I linked to, but it's been getting on my nerves, and I need to vent some steam.

The Guardianista's article starts with:

"Maybe it was the way that all the baddies were dressed in black, or maybe it was the way that the fighting uruk-hai had dreadlocks, but I began to suspect that there was something rotten in the state of Middle Earth."

He infers that since the enemy is in black, they represent black people. How very typical for a liberal to identify race in everything they see before them. The uruk-hai are in black actually because it represents darkness, as in evil. He goes on:

"Perhaps Dubya's war on terror is making me a bit uneasy, or maybe it's just good old-fashioned Guardian-reading imperial guilt, but there was something about watching a bunch of pale faces setting off into the east to hack some guys with dark faces into little bits that made me feel a little queasy."

Yes, it's good old fashioned Guardian-reading imperial guilt. The guilt that means that you are guilty of any wrongdoing committed by any of your fellow countrymen, even though you had absolutely nothing to do with it. Guilt by association, also demonstrated in an article I had mentioned over a week ago. An article that, suprise suprise, also appeared in the Guardian.

And as for the imperial white man vs. the native dark man, that is utter nonsense as well. Tolkien was no racist. Far from it. He was asked by a German publishing company in the late 1930s if he was an Aryan. Tolkien responded, saying that this question was clearly meant to establish if he was a Jew, and that he was unfortunately not a member of that gifted race. Tolkien was also disgusted by how blacks were treated in South Africa, and roundly condemned apartheid long before it became fashionable to do so. He was also strongly opposed to the British Empire. Some racist.
Worse to come, though.

"This genetic determinism drives the plot in the most brutal manner. White men are good, "dark" men are bad, orcs are worst of all. While 10,000 orcs are massacred with a kind of Dungeons and Dragons version of biological warfare, the wild men left standing at the end of the battle are packed off back to their homes with nothing more than slapped wrists".

The 10,000 orcs were not massacred, they were killed in combat because they chose to fight to the end. If they surrendered, they would have been sent packing like the wild men. Besides, the wild men are not dark, as stated in the article. They were once noble men, corrupted by Saruman. Just in the same way that the elves were corrupted into orcs, showing that evil is capable of corrupting even the most pure.

"This is no clash of noble adversaries like the Iliad". No, but it is a grand clash between good and evil, two concepts that the intelligensia have yet to come to terms with.

"This is no story of our common humanity like the Epic of Gilgamesh". This is a story of our common humanity, of many peoples coming together to fight against the evil that would enslave them.

"It's a fake, a forgery, a dodgy copy". A fake? How so? A forgery of what? A copy of what?

This is a truly silly article, worthy of much ridicule. It's not all that suprising, though. Lord of the Rings has been disliked by the literary elite ever since it was published. Not suprising, because it deals with good and evil locked in struggle, something that liberals find hard to believe in since they cannot differentiate between the two.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

I simply will not dignify this PC rubbish with any commentary.
I'm just back from the West, having stayed in Ballina, the athletic leasurewear capital of Ireland. The news of the suicide of David Kelly had penetrated such remote parts as I was staying in, and I have to say this may well end up costing Blair his job.

He was only ever accepted by most of the Labour party because he made them electable. Now that he has been exposed as a bit of a liar, and that his wretched war with the BBC has cost a life, I can see Blair's removal as leader occuring before the next election. Of course, it depends how things pan out from here....

Thursday, July 17, 2003

I'm off to the Wild West (of Ireland). It may be hard, but I'm sure you can all survive for a few days without my infinite wisdom to guide you.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Fintan O'Toole write in the Irish Times with the headline "Weapons of Mass Deception". Right then - activate the anti-leftie countermeasures and prepare to be assulted by some serious Fintanite rubbish.

He startes his article by quoting from the novel Trainspotters:
"Some people hate the English, but I don't. They're just wankers. We, on the other hand, are colonised by wankers. We can't even pick a decent culture to be colonised by".

He then states: "I feel somewhat the same about the lies we were told about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction". No instant results for Fintan, so naturally they are lies. "I can't work up outrage about the fact that governments who had decided to go to war a long time previously told lies in order to justify their decision" Shock horror! Stop the press! Fintan O'Toole can't work up any outrage!

Fintan then goes on to tell us: " What is rather galling, however, is that our Government agreed to be lied to by a group of idiots. Our leaders couldn't even find a decent set of liars to be fooled by". Of course. Bush and his administration are idiots. When all else fails, just call him an idiot. Always works. Why don't you go further and call all conservatives idiots, because thats what you damn well think.

The article goes on to list various piddling little documentary errors which I won't waste my time ranting about. It's just sheer pedantism. Everyone, and I mean everyone knows that Saddam was keenly pursuing WMDs.

If it were not for the Israeli Air Force's bombing of the Osriak nuclear reactor in the early 1980's, Saddam would have definately have obtained nukes. At the time of the Gulf war, Iraq had enough anthrax to (if properly deployed) kill off a lot of the world's population. Throughout much of the 1990s UN weapons inspectors were barred from Iraq. What does Fintan O'Toole think Saddam was hiding? Flower gardens?

Besides, the UN inspections preceeding the war were little short of a joke. Saddam knew well in advance when they were coming, and there was ample opportunity to hide any weapons or related materials. Colin Powell's presentation to the UN included a phone conversation between two army personell detailing the movement of materials in advance of inspections.

I think Fintan should be reminded of the following:
Saddam Hussain has murdered and tortured his own people en masse. He was the Hitler of his region, starting a long and bloody war with Iran, and when he did not get his way there he crushed and plundered little Kuait. He has constantly tried to build up an arsenal of WMDs, and was a grave threat to world stabiltity. His constant support for militant Palestinians helped to create further the instability in that conflict.

US/UK forces finally act to depose this monster. The conflict proved to be quick, with remarkably low civilian casualties. The Iraqis are liberated, a tyrant removed, and all Fintan O'Toole can do is complain about dubious documents and idiots in the Bush Administration.

Sad Bastard.
Have a look here. As she is banking on me complaining within two weeks, I might as well satisfy her now.

Yes, blogspot is crappy.
Mugabe on the way out. Not before time, though it seems that one of his detestable cronies might take his place, which would not solve one thing.

Thanks to Natalie Solent for the link.
It seems now that the arrest of the Irishman in Israel is a case of mistaken identity. This, however, does not take away from the fact that Israel and all other Western nations must remain highly vigilant. Besides, most attention is on Islamic terrorists these days, and the IRA seems to be getting an easy ride.

Monday, July 14, 2003

Richard Ingrams has stated that: "I have developed a habit when confronted by letters to the editor in support of the Israeli government to look at the signature to see if the writer has a Jewish name. If so, I tend not to read it." How lovely of him. Also, according to him, the Canadian journalist Barbara Amiel is not qualified to accuse people of bias on the Middle East merely because she is Jewish and her husband owns a Jewish newspaper.

This is a perfect example of the intelligensia disguising the Iron Fist of their anti-semitism in a velvet acedemic glove.

Thanks to Conservative Commentary for the link.
An Irishman has been arrested by Israeli authorities, and has been interrogated for the last five days about alleged links between dissident republicans and Palestinian extremists. The alleged links are not news to most people, as the IRA and various groups such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad are known to have been in an unholy alliance for decades.

It is rumored that the IRA helped train many Palestinian terrorists in Syria in the 1970's. The Palestinians also use methods that are quite similar to those of the IRA, ie. killing soldiers at checkpoints with sniper fire. Also, prior to the current ceasefires, the provisional IRA imported massive quantities of arms from Lybia, another nation friendly to republicans.

The terrorist just arrested is understood to be wanted by the British authorities. Pity that these scum are only treated like they ought to be when they are in Israel.
I have just heard that HSBC have launched a mortgage scheme for Muslims in the UK that follows Sharia law. Hmmm. Far-right groups often say that Sharia law may fast replace the existing laws in the UK, and this announcment seems to fortify that argument. Besides, this proposal completely flies in the face of traditional wisdom: that all are equal, irrespective of religion. I couldn't help thinking that a similar package that accommodates Christian and Jewish (the unfashionable religions) traditions, would be implausable.

To quote Animal Farm: "All are equal, but some are more equal than others."

Sunday, July 13, 2003

There are many dangers present that can derail the Israeli-Palestinian roadmap for peace, but perhaps one of the most interesting one is the continued EU contact with Yasser Arafat. It seems, then, that Arafat still commands the attention and sympathy of the cretinous EU-left. Perhaps it's the whiff of danger, of terrorist chic that they find irresistable. Or maybe it's the stench of explosives and dead Israeli children that the fashionably anti-Israeli EU-left prefers.

Either way, each time Arafat is met or mentioned it only serves to sideline Abu Mazen, the Palestinian PM, who is probably the best hope for any kind of conciliation in the region.

Saturday, July 12, 2003

Glad to see it's not all dark in Afghanistan, this article illustrates some of the improvments we don't tend to see. You won't read this in the Guardian.
With stories like this, you just don't need satire.
I see that Bush is targeting younger Jewish voters who are beginning to become disenchanted with the populist economics and minority empowerment strategies that dominate Democratic politics. Good idea.

Friday, July 11, 2003

My blog is beginning to build some kind of momentum. The Harry Potter article has been mentioned in PC Watch and Peter Cuthbertson has kindly introduced Right-Wing analysis to his readers.
I have just heard of a report in Britain stating that sex education should begin at the age of five years. Puberty usually begins at the age of twelve, so what is the point? I wonder, have the authors of the report heard of the words "innocence" and "childhood"? Thought not. Besides, children of that age should be learning the basics of maths and English, not of the human reproductive system.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

An article has been published in the Irish Times that is so staggeringly politically-correct that I just have to ridicule it.
In it, Richard Adams condemns the Harry Potter books as a "political bandwagon". Harry Potter, he declares, is a Conservative. "A paternalistic, One-Nation Tory, perhaps, but a Tory nonetheless" (Honestly, this is serious). He also points out that Rowling is a honorary member of the British Weights and Measurments Society, one of her fellow members being Norris McWhirter "once a friend of apartheid". Ah yes, that familiar smear, guilt by association, and how unsuprising to hear it used by a liberal like this one.

Association is not the only crime in his books, however, so is omission of minority practises. "Hogwarts celeberates Christmas and Halloween, but there are no feasts for Rosh Hashnash and Diwali" For God's sake, it's a book written by a Western Christian for a Western Christian audience. If someone complained about an author of childrens book in, say, India, not including enough references to Christian practises, no doubt he would spout indignance from his imaginary high moral ground.

Worse to come, however. JK Rowling, he states, is committed to the traditional family, as if this were comparable to cannabilism or child-sacrifice. Thus, "Harry has to endure the violent treatment of his aunt and uncle" Of course, and how much happier the boy would have been had he been raised in a lesbian vegan collective, with many she-parents from many races, from whom he could have learned native American rituals and other such nonsense.

This is seriously sad: whinging, humourless and self-rightous, a pathetic hack noting down the percieved ideological imperfections of those around him.
It's not all bad though: it gives a perfect insight into the liberal mind.
Today, I shall again draw your attention to a state led by madmen that is close to developing nuclear weapons. This time, that state is North Korea.
Acording to South Korea's intelligence agency, North Korea recently reprocessed a small number of it's estimated 8,000 spent nuclear rods and has also tested devices used to trigger atomic explosions. Also, it is best not to forget the ballistic messile tests conducted by North Korea some time ago, with one missile flying over Japan. If this is not a clear statement of intent, then I don't know what is.
Judging by the fact that Iran is also moving close to nuclear strike capability, it seems that the "axis of evil" that Bush warned of is a very real and growing menace.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

I purchased and viewed the film "24hr Party People" today starring Steve Coogan (aka. Alan Partridge). Unfortunately like his other film "The Parole Officer" Coogan suffers from the brilliance of his Partridge alter ego and fails to shine as well as he might have. I hope to have a proper review tomorrow. Anyhow another plane flew over me yesterdy and again today. It looked like a late 1960's fighter jet and it was pulling some kind of scanning device (I presume) about 20 feet behind it. Why does it fly over my field over and over again? It flies so low as well, about 150 feet over me.

In relation to Paul's post on Sunday, there is an article in today's Munster Express reporting on low flying military aircraft over Piltown. Apparently, the aircraft was flying "scary low" and left a deafening noise. According to the article, no markings or letterings were identified on the plane. Also, a phone call to Baldonnel airport was made later that evening did not reveal any answers, though officials took details and said they would investigate.
Witnesses of this flyover are asked to email details to PiltownParish@hotmail.com. I must get onto Paul to email them, as he identified those planes as A-10s in his post. The information might come in handy.
Today, I saw a most depressing sight. The house that my great-grandmother once lived in has now been bought by Sinn Fein and has been converted into their local headquarters. I looked in the front window and saw garish memoribilia dedicated to Bobby Sands, the IRA terrorist who died in the 1980 hunger strikes.
The only consoling thought is that she did not live to see her house commandeered by these terrorists.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Today, the UN launched a report in Dublin which warned that international programs to help poor nations out of poverty are failing in many countries. Nothing too exciting there, you might say, but at the forefront of this report was the do-gooder rockstar Bono.
I have always thought that he latches himself onto various similar causes to salve his conscience and inflate his mighty ego, thus incurring slight distaste from me. However, at the launch of this report he threatened to cause uproar if developed countries don't do more to combat world poverty.

"I am ready to march with my activist friends in campaigns of civil disobedience. We are about to get very noisy, we are about to bang a lot of dustbin lids."

Great. Really bloody great. Who the hell does he think he is? A toddler who creates a racket if he doesn't get what he wants? That's certainly what he sounds like.
Apparently, Bono is worth roughly 100 million euro. Thats right, one hundered million euro. No sign of giving that away to the developing world. As cases of double standards go, this has to be the worst I have heard of yet.
Iran said yesterday that it had completed testing a long-range, surface-to-surface missile that military analysts say could strike Israel. - Reuters

Iran is pursuing a nuclear programme. Iran is now in possession of a ballistic missile that can hit Israel. Iran is ruled by a group of insecure Islamofascists.

The potential consequences do not need explaining.

Monday, July 07, 2003

More bleatings from the tyrant Mugabe. He has stated that southern African states would reject any attempts by President Bush to interfere in Zimbabwe's affairs when he visits Africa next week.

"If he comes to dictate to us as to how we should run our countries, then we will say: Go back, go home Yankee", Mugabe told supporters at a rally on Saturday.

I would certainly welcome any attempts by Bush to undermine the insidious authority of Mugabe's regime, but here the onus to act firmly falls on Tony Blair. As Zimbabwe was once a British colony, the welfare of the people of Zimbabwe should be of concern to the British Government. And from Tony Blair: nothing.

Very little condemnation of Mugabe and his murderous party of cronies, and no support to the members of the Movement for Democratic Change, who bravely struggle for democracy and fairness against the apparatus of Mugabe's state. The breaches of human rights in Zimbabwe are clear for all to see, but keeping in favour with the Guardian and the BBC is clearly more important than the people of Zimbabwe to Blair and the politically-correct Labour government. Just because Mugabe is African certainly does not mean he should be off the hook as he seems to be.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Amusing historical fact of the day:

1171 AD English soldiers under King Henry II invade Ireland and discover the locals are making whiskey. They still haven't left.

The time was 1500hrs. The location was a village called Piltown in SE Ireland. I was outside earning money to fund my extravagant lifestyle when I heard a curious noise in the sky. I looked up and to my surprise I saw a brace of A-10 "Thunderbolts" (also known as tankbusters due to their purpose) soaring through the air over my head. It was a glorious sight to behold, a pair of victories aircraft, fresh from their recent victory against Saddam flying so low over the green fields of my homeland. I wish it was a more common sight but sadly in our obsessively neutral country such a spectacle is frowned upon. When I ventured to ask several people did they see them the only replies that I received were complaints about scared horses and how dare those murderers be allowed pass. Anyway our pathetic Air corps does not have that kind of hardware to display and even if they did they probably wouldn't know how to use them. How our attitude has changed recently towards U.S. military displays. I remember only several the cheering crowds greeting the USS JFK on its visit to Dublin and the thousands of applicants who applied for tickets for a tour of the carrier (I was one of the lucky ones, it was fantastic!). Just two years ago I attended a sold out predominantly U.S. military air show in Dublin where one hundred thousand people turned up. Would such an attendance happen today? It's hard to say. Certainly there will always be people who love nothing more than to see large military machines showing their stuff but unfortunately in recent years leftwing vegetarians having been spreading their nonsensical beliefs to the eager innocents who believe all that they are told. Why do such people believe without question what they are told by these besandled types? This I cannot fathom. What I can tell you is that none of their feeble arguments stand up to more than a few moments of debate. Try it. It is hilarious to see their defeat dawn on them while at the same time they try and concoct yet another bizarre answer but normally end up just saying "Well those are my beliefs and I’m entitled to them" before sticking their nose up, turning tail and walking away. It makes me laugh every time. Soon I fear though that such people will become the majority and there will arise the terrifying prospect of the green party making it into power. Of course not all of us are hemp-wearing layabouts just yet and hopefully we never will be (though Europe is going that way fast), the problem is that our predominantly leftwing media focuses incessantly on the cause of these benefit claiming tossers sitting in trees in Wicklow or camping illegally outside an airport in Limerick. This is pumped into the minds of the ignorant who don't know any better and who grow up to pass this crap onto a new generation of impressionable minds. This process has been snowballing since the 70's and has only started to become so apparent now. If it wasn't for the influence of Raff and myself our entire school would be an almost entirely socialist institution. As it is out of our year of 56 a mere 7 didn't join a pathatic protest against Gulf 2, myself and Raff included. Apparently they tought they could make a difference by not speaking of 5 minutes. Sad Bastards. Anyway that is enough ranting for one day, more next time.

Georgies link of the day: http://www.jedimaster.net/ hilariously embarrassing antics!!!

I read with interest an article by Frederick Turner on the subject of the liberal elite and class snobbery within that elite. It's certainly suggested reading.

Friday, July 04, 2003

Superb article by Kevin Myers in today's Irish Times in which he deftly remonstrates against the acceptance of left-wing fascism and the Soviet Union by the western left. After reading this, I couldn't help but feel relieved - because that monstrous evil (the Soviet Union) had been defeated; grateful - for the forces of the West, NATO and especially Reagan and Thatcher who saw that pernicious regime for what it was and stood up to it, as all evil should be stood up to. What is truly sickening, however, is the almost fashionable position the Soviet Union has today among the youth of the West (and among of most of the intelligensia, I would suspect).

Thursday, July 03, 2003

Just started the blog, I hope this will proves interesting in some way, If I can keep up interest (I'm terribly impatient, you know).
Just seen that Henman has lost against Grosjean and has thus been knocked out of Wimbledon. Henmania lives to fight another day (or at least Wimbledon 2004).

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