Friday, August 29, 2003

With the resignation of Alistair Cambell, it almost seems that an era is over. The question now being - will number 10 kick it's spin habit? I, for one, am quite sceptical.

From the Guardian:

"His former boss, writing in the Guardian, gives Mr Hill a glowing report.

"Hill finds it almost pathologically impossible to deceive or dissemble. That is why he is the right man to re-establish a relationship of trust between Downing Street and the press.""

Hmmm. I wonder how long that will last.
With all the not-so-cheerful goings on in the world, we all need a little cheering up. This is amply provided in the website of an anarchist socialist movement (what a contradiction!). Funniest of all is the poster depicting aliens landing on Earth, tearing down Big Ben, exclaiming "Take me to your anarchists!" Below this picture are the words "Aliens say - you must liberate yourselves - urge formation of workers councils!" And all without a trace of irony. Priceless.

Monday, August 25, 2003

I have come across a fantastic and inspirational article on the theme of personal responsibility. It's lenghty, but well worth reading.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Just when you thought the Arabs couldn't get worse.....
On a similar note to the article by Ed Vulliamy, Margaret Drabble writes on why she loathes America. Well, at least the bitch is unequivocal.
There is an odious article in the Observer in which Ed Vulliamy, the Observer's "award-winning" US correspondent writes of an America which he supposedly once loved and no longer does. In the course of the article he interviews some like-minded lefites. I think I might give you a taste of the rubbish involved, with a bit of criticism attached...

I arrived in an America regarded by the world as 'cool'. One can never be sure whether a President defines the country or vice versa, but this was Bill Clinton's America.

Yes. Bill Clinton's "cool" America. An administration which slashed defence spending, thus reducing both the FBI and CIA's effectiveness. Fairly lethal, as we know in hindsight. An America in which the President was busy "enjoying" his interns, and then lied to his nation when this was exposed. To top this off, he bombed Iraq to distract attention from his philanderings.

Meanwhile out in the world, intervention by the US was either welcomed by the persecuted of Haiti and Kosovo or else craved by (but culpably denied) those in Bosnia and Rwanda - as a force of deliverance, not of empire.

This seems to imply that intervention by the US is not now welcomed by the persecuted in Afghanistan and Iraq. I must therefore point out that a majority of Iraqis polled in a recent poll approved of the liberation of Iraq. Also, on the whole, the Afghans are still pleased that they have been rid of the yoke of the Taliban. As for the implication that the US now acts as a force of empire, that is truly a cheap shot.

It is surreal to consider the weeks I laboured over the political implications of uses for a cigar, and that an American President was subjected to a television grilling about 'anal-oral contact'. The right-wing opposition called him a liar; Hillary Clinton blamed a 'vast right-wing conspiracy'. They were both right.

Lets see. The Republicans wished Clinton to resign for lying under oath to the entire nation, and this is somehow a "vast right-wing conspiracy". Right, that makes a lot of sense.

Forty per cent in this land that politics forgot live below the poverty line, drawn at $16,000 per annum. Even here, where a late sun strokes the billowing cotton, there is a healthy market in crack cocaine. Pastor Benny Brown of Jonestown, near Clarksdale, remarks: 'I don't really call this a rural area; more a "reservation"; a black poverty reservation.' 'Sometimes I wonder,' pondered old Ruby Walker, sitting on her porch surrounded by cats, soon after her daughter had been killed in a shoot-out, 'if they ever did really do away with slavery here.'

Stating that black poverty is a form of slavery is an assumption both cretinous and farcical. The roots of black poverty are much more complex than "White man is richer than Black man, therefore White man is stealing from Black man." Black underachievement is well explained in a lenghty article I have come across.

For in Juárez, the most depraved crime in the Americas continues, unpunished: the mass abduction, abuse, mutilation and murder of some 345 young women to date, invariably employees of the new American factories that pay rock bottom wages but do nothing to protect them. Here was a parable - in a single narrative - of the scourges in our American-led global economy. If there was a programme called 'Desert Island Articles', and I was permitted to write only one during my years in America, it would be that.

The scourges of our American-led economy. What tripe. We are living through the most proserous and dynamic age yet. Our standards of living are at a high, and no doubt will continue to increase (though maybe not in Europe, explained in an earlier post). This attack on the "American-led economy" - read globalisation - is purile and utterly unconvincing. The nations which recorded the highest levels of growth on average in the last ten years or so are the developing countries which are opening up to globalisation. Lower than that are the developed nations. Bottom of the heap are the developing nations which have not opened up to trade and for the most part are damaged by Marxist policies.

I was obliged to change immediately into a suit and - fuelled by tequila - board a plane to Boston and address a conference on war crimes. I was unable to find anyone in the departure lounge or at the conference who knew about their country's lusty performance.

I don't think I'll comment here. Dammit, I just have.

The entwinement of politics around the corporate boardroom had been rehearsed during Bush's governorship of Texas - once a nation, and most Texans would love it to be so again. But the Union prohibits that. So: if Texas cannot be a nation, make the nation into Texas.

That's right, the US is now run by Texas! It's a giant conspiracy! Pathetic.

For nearly a decade a group of people exiled from power during the Clinton years had been making plans.

Exiled from power. This twit makes them sound like plotters constructing evil designs on a coup.

Their names are now more or less well known: Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, James Woolsey, Douglas Feith.

Please, give me a break from this overblown retoric.

We have become a nation with no idea what it means to grow up in a refugee camp in the West Bank or Gaza, and no idea why people such as al-Qaeda - with whom I have no agreement at all, I hasten to add - dislike us so much.'

I hasten to add. You could have fooled me.

I see a "dauphin" in the White House while powerful figures range in the background, making resource theft a way of life...

Give me one solid bit of proof on that, and I'll be happy. Honestly, the claim that America invaded Iraq for the oil is as ludicrous as saying that they went to war with Germany because they happen to have some mineral resources along the Rhine.

Friday, August 22, 2003

Under the Intoxicating Liquor Act 2003, licensees will be liable to heavy fines if they allow drunkenness on, or even outside, their premises. Those who sell alcohol to customers who are already drunk may be fined 1,500 euros on a first conviction, rising to 2,000 euros for second or subsequent offences.

Drunkenness forbidden in (or even out of!) pubs. Whats next? Alcohol-free pubs? Sounds more than a little ridiculious to me.
The cycle of violence continues anew, the road map is in tatters. From a Times article:

Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi, a fellow Hamas leader who narrowly escaped death in an Israeli missile strike in June, accused Ariel Sharon, the Israeli Prime Minister, of deliberately torpedoing the road map. “Sharon really was against the hudna (ceasefire) and so he has assassinated it. The hudna is dead,” Mr Rantissi said. “Retaliation will be decided on by our military wing.”

This truly is farcical. It was they who started this, with a particularly murderous bombing, and Hamas has the sheer cheek to blame Israel. I think I'll simply stop trying to understand Hamas and their fellow Islamofascists. They cannot be reasoned with, and negotiations/appeasment only serves to confirm their legitimacy with the Palestinian people. The only solution is to wear them down militarily, and to finally vanquish them once and for all. At least Israel knows how to deal with them, with the only thing the militants understand: force.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

I've found a fantastic little site called the Political Compass. This test takes both economic and social factors into account and plots your political position on both those scales. My score was:

Economic Left/Right: 6.38
Libertarian/Authoritarian: 4.51

Which makes me quite conservative. It also shows where many renowned political figures would stand in the graph, and I am closest to Bush/Thatcher. No suprises there, but an interesting test nonetheless.
In the Sunday Times, John Humphrys touches on a subject which never fails to interest me: demographics. The main point of the article being that the population of Britain will increase to 70 million by 2050, this is in direct contrast to the extraordinary decline that will occur in many EU nations, particularly Germany. This serves to further justify my belief, demonstrated in a previous post, that Britain (and Ireland) should have little more to do with a shrinking organisation reducing itself into gradual irrelevance.

In the Sunday Times article, Humphrys makes a few convincing points on why this population explosion will probably not prove detrimental. There is, however, one disturbing aspect to this growth: most of the increase will come from immigration.

"In the next 50 years the experts reckon that about two-thirds of the extra people on these islands will be immigrants. Some believe that is an underestimate and the real proportion will be more like three-quarters."

If the figure of three-quarters is correct, that will mean that 8.5 million immigrants will settle in Britain. I may sound like a spokesman for the BNP when I say this, but, I believe this should not be allowed to happen. In my view, excessive immigration is a dangerous state of affairs. Already, many areas of the larger British cities are almost completely ghettoised, with certain areas filled with whites, others composed entirely of Asains, ect. More often than not, a large influx of immigrants seems to cause nothing but racial tension and resentment. Imagine what tensions would be like with another 8.5 million. Judging by the situation in many western nations, I have come to the sorry conclusion that in most cases, multiculturalism simply does not work.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

I have read in the Daily Mail that a childcarer has beed admonished by a standards inspector for not using dolls of ethnic or disabled type. Unbelieveable.

Friday, August 15, 2003

It seems that my PC was infected by a worm that is spreading quite rapidly throughout the internet. Fortunately, a solution is available.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Something seems to be quite wrong with my PC. It stubbornly refuses to stay connected to the Internet for more than one minute or so. I'm getting this through by the skin of my teeth. I'll get it looked at, then blogging should re-commence.

Monday, August 11, 2003

In the Mail on Sunday, the normally reliable Peter Hitchens makes a somewhat fatuous claim about the future of the jailed Real IRA leader Michael McKevitt. Hitchens states that:

"Within almost no time at all he will be out again, and probably a minister in either Dublin or London"

London - Extremely Unlikely.

Dublin - Come on Hitch, you can't know that little about the Republic.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

There's some good news on Conservative Commentary relating to opinion polls.
Today, in the Sunday Times, I have seen some demographic statistics that make for some very uncomfortable reading for the prospects of Europe, and it's importance in the world in relation to America. According to the article:

"During the next few decades demographic trends will transform the the economic importance of different areas of the world. American power will be vastly enhanced at the expense of Europe. In the east, India will overtake China. In our own part of the globe, the economic weight of different European countries will change markedly - with Germany, Italy and Spain shrinking in improtance relative to Britain and France."

Currently, the American birth rate is more than two per woman and rising, compared with a European rate of less than 1.5. In some European countries, ie. Spain, Italy and Greece the birth rate has fallen to as low as 1.1. The US Census Bureau has forecast that between 2000 and 2050 the American population will increase by 130 million. That should bring it to around 400 million. As a result of this, the US economy will experience average growth of 2.5% a year, compared to 1.5% in Europe. It is worth keeping in mind that the economic gap between Europe and America right now has never been greater since the 1950s. It seems that the gap is set to widen much, much further. In 2000, America accounted for 23% of global GDP, compared with 18% for Europe. By 2050, on the Europen Commission's projections, the US share will be up to 26%, while Europe's will have shrunk to 10%.

There is something very sad about seeing a once great continent, which had mastery above all others, lower itself into irrelevency. It may seem simplistic and very partisan to blame the left for all this, but I do. The current economic system of most European states, most notably France and Germany, is Socialist. Most European nations are basically dictated to by their all-powerful trade unions, which stifle competitiveness in the labour market and put an effective bar on any increase in productivity. To prop up over-generous welfare benefits, many European countries are burdened with stifling levels of taxation, which are a great burden on trade, business, and economic growth (never mind to say freedom). The miniscule birth rate can also be blamed on the liberal agenda dominant in Europe, which sneers at the notion of family, and which sees the prospect of all women in the workplace as "liberation".

It is no coincidence, then, that the most economically right-wing area of the EU (and it's least European) happens to be it's most vibrant. I am, of course, referring to Britain and Ireland. If I remember correctly, Margaret Thatcher has proposed that Britain leave the EU and join a free-trade alliance with North America. In light of these statistics, this sounds increasingly like a very good idea. After all, who would prefer (apart from the left) to be tied in with a lethargic, shrinking organisation compared with being allied with a prosperous and growing nation? This could equally apply to Ireland. Most of Ireland's new wealth can mainly be sourced back to American generousity and a free-market economic system, in contrast to stagnant European socialism. We could certainly survive, and indeed survive very well, without the EU. Culturally, this would probably suit us better as well, since I feel we are more British/American than European, whatever Dublin 4 might say.

Saturday, August 09, 2003

Leading Islamofascist wishes for Democrat victory in 2004.
Says it all, doesn't it?

Thanks to Conservative Commentary for the link.

Friday, August 08, 2003

As you may have noticed, Right-Wing Analysis has been cruelly neglected this week. The reason: I was struck down by some sort of virus, and was too busy vomiting to post anything. Normality should resume around tomorrow.

By the way, I have read that half of a selection of the best GCSE level students could not pass that maths section of a old 11-plus exam from the 1950s. That's right, the 15 year olds of today could not pass an exam devised for 11 year olds. If there were ever something to demonstrate the relentless dumbing-down of education in Britain, this must surely be it. Thankfully, this process has not hit Ireland yet, but I wonder how long it will be until it does.

Monday, August 04, 2003

A Continuity IRA training camp has been found in Co. Waterford, and ten men have been arrested in connection with this find. Items found at the camp included weapons, ammunition and other terrorist paraphernalia. This is good news in itself, that their plans have been foiled. However, I don't live too far away from the area, and it is an interesting thought that terrorists have been training so close (well, it's not thatclose). Kind of brings it all home, since most republican activity usually occurs in the border counties.
I've just found a facinating site called Around the World in 80 Ideas. It features 80 ideas in economic and social reform, illustrated by practical examples from around the World. Many of the ideas on the site are thought-provoking and I heartily recommend it.
Two worrying developments from Iran. Firstly, it seems that the Islamofascist regime is ever closer to possesing nuclear weapons. Also, in a futher demonstration that it is a terrorist state, they have refused to extradite any members of Al-Quaeda.
All this is happening under our noses, and there seems to be inadaquate pressure placed on the Iranian regime, something that I feel must be rectified.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

"Seventeen years after Huey Lewis and The News sang Hip to be Square, young people are joining the Tory party as a way of rebelling against their Labour-voting parents.", According to the Times.
Oh, the irony. Read it here.

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Nine thought-provoking (and true) points against mass immigration contained in an excellent article in the Spectator. Worth reading.

Thanks to Conservative Commentary for the link.

Friday, August 01, 2003

I have just heard that the hole in the ozone layer has actually shrunk since readings were last taken. I looked this up on the Internet and to my suprise, this isn't exactly fresh news. Oh well. Similarly, here is an interesting article on why it is more likely that a solution to climate change will be found from industry and the US Administration than from the eco-fascists.

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